Maria Fortner

He has made everything beautiful in its time Ecclesiastes 3:11

Pure Heart Lifestyle agency

We help you reach your goals by establishing a solid foundation.

Mblue fashion

From the closet to the kitchen we offer products for sale and design tips.

Maria Blue Real Estate

Real Estate can be used as a caveat to financial freedom. We offer experience in buying, selling, and investing.

Pure Heart Lifestyle Agency

The journey prepares you for the destination. Through my many trials and tribulations, I have repetitively had to start over, this was extremely annoying to me at first. I would work so hard to build something that I thought was perfection just to have to re-create it or change it. These constant changes created the resilience and determination that is needed in this day and age. Pure Heart Lifestyle Agency's mission is to help those build a solid foundation on morals and principles that resonate with you. You might ask What is that foundation? or Where do I start? There are many things to choose from, I have pulled inspiration from many cultures, religions, and walks of life. The main goal is to understand that you cannot be the source of life because you did not create yourself. There is a higher being God or the universe and once you connect with that you can begin to change your mindset. A word of advice, if it feels forced it's probably not right for you. After years of failures and success in business, I discovered even during success I was lost. I believed that the goal was to make money to live the lifestyle I always wanted, In the midst of that I compromised myself. I started to see that most people value things and not people. My beliefs forced me to change the way I did business and who I did business with. A house cannot stand without a foundation and a human being cannot withstand the hardships of life without a source to rely on. Pure Heart Lifestyle Agency offers services in credit building, financial planning, education for special needs children, and much more. We hope to be a resource in you establishing a relationship with God and building the lifestyle and business you've always wanted. Check us out at www. pure

Mblue Fashion

Fashion has always been something that I enjoyed doing, I get to use my creativity to show the world how I feel just by what I wear. Mblue Fashion was birthed when I was just a teen but it came to fruition during college. I achieved a BA in Fashion and Retail Management from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2012. During my journey I directed and produced fashion and trunk shows and was a stylist and creator for many models and brands, this is where my love for branding began. Mblue Fashion has closets on Poshmark and Mercari where you can purchase many name brands at discount prices. Mblue Fashion plans to open its own online boutique where you can order customized products for your own brands. Mblue Fashion is available for brand consultations. View our Twitter page below for links to buy things.

Maria Blue Real Estate

Maria Blue Real Estate has the vision to help those use real estate as a vehicle to a better lifestyle. We have services for first-time homebuyers who need financing and credit building to acquire their first home. We also offer investors help with property management and portfolio building. Maria Fortner the Broker/Agent has sold over 100 investment properties, managed properties, project manager for fix and flip, and has a full-service agency for acquiring, designing, cleaning, and renting short-term rental and vacation homes. Maria Blue Real Estate was established in 2015 in Michigan and continues to operate in Michigan and Georgia. Website coming soon!